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Sailing Advice - Croatia

Winds on the Adriatic sea

Sailing Winds of the Adriatic

Whether experienced sailor or a beginner, one thing you will want to know before sailing off to any sea are its winds. There are several winds blowing on the Adriatic which you need to familiarize yourself with:


Bura - very unpredictable; it blows in gushes from the mainland towards the sea and is relatively cold and dry, thus purifying the atmosphere and bringing great visibility and sunny weather.

Jugo - a moderate southwestern wind, blowing from the sea towards the coast. It is warm and humid and occurs relatively rare in summer.

Maestral - a typical summer wind bringing pleasant and stable weather. It is a moderate wind suitable for safe sailing.

Types of yachts in Croatia

Advice on Choosing Boat Types in Croatia

When planning a sailing adventure in Croatia you need to decide on many factors.

First, decide what type of charter you need: bareboat, skippered or crewed. If you have the necessary permit, you can choose the bareboat charter, and if you would rather have an experienced skipper or a whole crew take you to all the wonderful bays, then opt for one of the other two options.

You also need to decide whether you would like to sail on a sailboat, a motor yacht, a catamaran or a gulet and choose the model that best suits your needs.

Most importantly, check the reputation and reliability of your charter company for safe and carefree sailing in Croatia.

Additional Croatia sailing advice

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