We will take you on a sailing journey of your life!

Let us take you the beautiful islands of Croatia!

Explore the historic towns of the Adriatic coast with us!

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We Care for the Environment

In our effort to provide the best sailing adventure with top-quality charter sailing boats, we never forget our mission to preserve the natural beauty of the Adriatic Sea and leave it intact for future generations.


We provide an environmentally friendly service, protecting the nature and the marine ecosystem and doing our best to ensure the bays and coves stay the way they have always been - with crystal clear waters and interesting flora and fauna.


We also promote a healthy and active lifestyle which includes the always fresh and natural ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine and the fresh air of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Why charter a sailing boat with us?

So, the decision to sail the Adriatic has been made. Now you are looking for the best agency to take you there and arrange a perfect sailing holiday for you and your friends and family. Look no further, Sailing Croatia Boats is the address for amazing Croatia yacht charters.


Sailing Croatia Boats is part of a leading SailingEurope Yacht Charter Group, a reliable charter company with a long tradition which has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field of yacht charter. A decade-long tradition in yacht charter has given us insight into the needs and wishes of sailing enthusiasts, but we always strive to provide even more for our customers.


We will take you on an amazing sailing journey on the Adriatic Sea of the beautiful Croatia. Crystal clear waters and numerous amazing islands are a definite must-see, so sail away with us! From north to south, there are many interesting towns with lively history, islands, islets and reefs which will amaze even the most demanding visitors. We will do our best to make your vacation a wonderful and unforgettable experience, which you will truly enjoy.


There is a variety of world-famous sailing boat brands we have on offer, which can take you to even the most secluded of beaches and coves in the Adriatic Sea. All of the sailing yachts can be chartered as bareboat, skippered or crewed yachts. We are fully specialized in offering the full charter service, tailored to all your individual needs and wishes. Although professionals in yacht charter, we enjoy sailing as a leisure activity as well and know all its specialties. Yacht charter is what we excel at and will gladly give you all the advice you need in order to make your sailing adventure even more amazing.


In our attempt to make your sailing vacation a unique experience of the breath-taking beauty of Croatian islands and cities, we always have in mind the protection and preservation of nature and encourage a healthy lifestyle.


We have prepared a number of specialized pages to provide you with the maximum on information about yachts and yacht charter. For general details on chartering a sailing or motor yacht, visit A Yacht Charter Group and find out everything you have always wanted to know. There is also a number of pages in different languages. For German readers we have prepared the page Max Katamaran Segeln with details on chartering catamaran yachts. Italian speakers can find out more about sailing yachts on Ecco Vacanze a Vela. Alquiler de Barcos Hola is a page in Spanish for readers wanting to know more about yacht charter. For French speakers there is the page Oui Location Voilier and for speakers of Croatian we have launched the page Jahta Najam. Czech readers can get more information about sailing yachts on the page Max Plachetnice.


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with us!

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